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PLEASE CLICK ON Picture "Continue" without add ----- Bitte haben Sie Geduld, der Stream öffnet sich in 5-30 Sekunden, abhängig Ihrer Internet Geschwindigkeit - Please be patient the stream starts in 5-30 sec. - Zantecam Greece - the first webcam from zakynthos since 2002 - The camera is located in a natural park Marathia and is offering you spectacular view on protected sea-park from Zakynthos. This camera is bringing to your home sights from the most beautiful S/W side of the island. Using it you can daily observe sunrise and sunset. You can also check air & water temperature. - Please visit & give us a like on Facebook for news and weather : Die Webcam ist mit einer 50/5 Mbps VDSL ( OTE Greece) Leitung mit dem Internet verbunden. The webcam is connected to the internet at 50/5 Mbps.